Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Grilling Without the Fuss!

I totally *heart* foil packets!! Remember them from girl scouts? Little dinners assembled in foil and put to cook on the open fire? Well, this makes camping soooooo easy. I make them ahead of time, throw them in a cooler and while we are all enjoying the lovely campfire, dinner is cooking. And the best part? How much more healthy and low carb can you get than meat and veggies? If you aren't in to camping, throw them on the grill.

The pictures are of the assembly and cooking - no recipes involved, but you can put anything you want in these. Don't forget to season them before you seal them all up. I used ground beef and mixed some seasoning salt into the beef before cooking it. This is our own beef which I had ground VERY lean, so if you're using beef make sure to get 80% lean or better. Otherwise, the grease will be nasty.

Here are my ingredients assembled - from bottom left - green beans, yellow squash, carrotts, turnips, mushrooms, ground beef. Somewhere there was onion too!

Here is the packet all assembled and waiting for the heat!

Have fun with these! Make them up the night before for a really fast/ no mess/ quick dinner!