What the heck did I cook tonight?

I thought I would TRY to put up a quick post about what we had for dinner. It might help some of you in your quest to cook more at home. I won't put recipes up here, just a quickie about what I threw together!

The week of February 6th
 - Homemade chicken fingers (kellogs special K protein, seasoning salt and almond flour)
 - chicken w/ quinoa and sundried tomatoes (was working on a New Weigh recipe - it was good so family had to eat it!)

The week of January 31st, so far (it's been a lot of soup all week, can you tell it's cold!)
 -Pizza quiche
 -veggie soup
 -cheesy chicken cauliflower soup
 -sausage bean casserole
-Roast in the crock pot
- White chicken chili

The week of January 23rd
 - Dreamfield's spaghetti and meatballs
 - omelette's with turkey bacon
 - chef salads with homemade applesauce
 - loaded baked potato soup

The week of January 16th
-taco casserole
-lentil/sausage soup
-chicken "noodle" soup - used shirataki noodles and it was AWESOME
- lots of leftovers :)
1-16-11 Putting in a day ahead. Plan on thawing out a taco casserole I made last weekend w/ low carb tortilla shells.

Over the weekend - had homemade chicken/quinoa soup
Tonight - chicken sausage and lentil soup w/ spinach

** WOWZA** Almost 2 months since I've posted - geesh those holidays are busy!
OK - here's some highlights from the last week

  • Creamy Reuben soup
  • Chili (I make mine with lots of beef and some black beans - not a kidney bean fan
  • Sausage with white beans
  • Chicken wrapped in turkey bacon - yum
  • Inside out burgers - (put the cheese inside and the kids think it's neat)

11-17-10 Have some cubed butternut squash, browned ground beef, onion, broth, spice, garlic in the crockpot. We'll see what it tastes like :)

11-15-10 Butternut squash and sausage soup

11-14-10 Pizza Quiche again

11-12-10 leftover soup
11-11-10 Made a beef/veggie soup w/ hamburger, tomato sauce, veggies and beef broth. Added some basil and marjoram.

11-9-10 took a long weekend, so haven't been home to cook. Going to have turkey chili tonight. I took it with me, so it's leftover. Family will still eat it up though! Serving with a salad too.

11-1-10 - got some of my homemade meatballs out of the freezer and simmered in Cibo's spaghetti sauce. Made some Dreamfields pasta for the kids. Put some mozzarella on top. Had a salad. Quick and YUMMY! If you're in my neck of the Ohio woods - pick up some Cibo's sauce it is SOOOO yummy!

10/31/10 BOO! Making some pizza quiche for after trick or treating.

10/30/10 - spaghetti squash casserole Italian style (diced tomatoes, ricotta cheese and mozzarella)

10/29/10 - leftover soup

10/27/10 - having some lentil soup. Looking up recipes from food.com.

10/26/10 - made scrambled eggs for the kids and DH and I had leftover spaghetti squash casserole from the diet meeting. It was good and seemed better the next day!

10/25/10 - leftover roast in the skillet w/ canned tomatoes (they had onion and celery in them), some chili seasoning, cumin and drained pinto beans. Let it simmer and served w/ shredded lettuce, low fat Mexican blend cheese and Greek yogurt. (I don't even use sour cream anymore). Kids used some low carb wraps to make burritos. DH and I just ate it as is.

10/24/10 - roast in crock pot w/ smoked paprika rubbed on it and a jar of roasted red peppers. Served w/ spaghetti squash. I took the broth and peppers and put it in the blender to make a sauce to serve over meat and squash.

10/21/10 - cold stove tonight. Hubby and I just arent hungry. Kids are having sandwiches w/ home made applesauce (frozen) and salad. If I get hungry later on, I'll probably have some leftover sauerkraut.

10/20/10 - tonight we had hamburgers on the grill w/ Arnold's round bread buns and I baked some fries for the kids. Also green beans and cottage cheese. I forgot how much Alex LOVES cottage cheese!

10/19/10 - quick chicken stir fry similar to my blog recipe over some cauliflower "rice". I made the cauliflower awhile ago and froze it. Just nuked in the microwave

10/18/10 - Sauerkraut and turkey kielbasa in the crockpot. Served with some mashed cauliflower and turnips. (Just steam then, mash them w/ mixer and add some Parmesan, low fat margarine and salt/pepper)