Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not creative - but good!

So, we were planning on going out to eat, but then didn't feel like packing the kids up. Now I needed dinner on the go. In the old days, that would have meant calling up for pizza delivery or putting some chicken nuggets and fries in the oven. Well, with a semi-stocked pantry and freezer, I knew I could do better.

This is my "go to" meal when I'm too tired to cook. It just involves opening cans. There are so many versions of this on the internet, but really it will work with whatever you have in your cupboard.

~Mexican Skillet Chicken and Beans~

Cooked chicken (shredded, diced or even canned)

Can of diced tomatoes (mine were plain, but Rotel would give it a kick)

1/2 jar of salsa or picante sauce or taco sauce

Can of drained and rinsed beans (Black, kidney, pinto)

Toppings - shredded lettuce, cheese, sour cream (or plain yogurt), cilantro, guacamole

Put everything in the skillet and simmer on low until well incorporated. If you have a lot of chicken like I did, this will be more of a casserole. With less chicken, it will be more of a stew. You can serve over rice, if that's what you like or roll it up in a tortilla.

So quick and good. Leftovers today for lunch!

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