Sunday, July 26, 2009

There are some fabulous bakers out there!

One of them is Lauren over at Healthy Indulgences.
She has a yellow cake recipe with beans I've been wanting to try forever. Well, yesterday was the day. This cake was moist, flavorful and everything you would want in a cake - Oh ya, also gluten free, sugar free and no white flour!

The recipe is here. I actually didnt tweak this too much. I just used liquid sucralose (Fiberfit) instead of stevia and didnt make cupcakes, since the my cupcake pan doesnt fit in my countertop oven and it was too hot to turn the big oven on.

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gharkness said...

How have I managed to miss your blog for so long? I read HUNDREDS of blogs.....and think I remember some vague reference to yours, but must have never quite made it this far. Glad I thought to click on the link over at SP. What a gold mine!